Full Depth Reclamation

Full Depth Reclamation or FDR, is a recycling method that looks at our aging infrastructure as a valuable asset, making yesterday’s roads the aggregate for tomorrow’s durable and economical pavements. Because of its consistency and ability to stabilize any soil type, SuperSlurry is an ideal solution for FDR. SuperSlurry and FDR help create an environmentally superior solution for roadway repairs.

FDR benefits include:

  • Quicker Construction Time
  • Huge Costs Savings
  • Increased Pavement Strength
  • Environmentally Superior

The table below illustrates energy and material use versus new construction:

Soil Stabilization

SuperSlurry is the ideal choice for soil stabilization. Unlike other products that can break down over time, SuperSlurry bonds soils particles together resulting in increased structural value and compressive strength. Unlike regular dry applications, SuperSlurry is virtually dust-free, providing an environmentally superior process.

Soil Modification

SuperSlurry not only stabilizes soils, but can modify them too. While other products can reduce plasticity index (PI), increase pH, or decrease swell potential, SuperSlurry does all this while increasing the structural value. With SuperSlurry, do the job once and don’t worry about cure times and redo’s associated with other soil stabilization products.

Advantages of SuperSlurry Over Common Slurries and Dry Cement:

  • Environmentally superior
  • Avoids working in migrating dust clouds (safer)
  • Unmatched consistency
  • Flows evenly and easy to control
  • Reduced compaction effort
  • Reduced equipment costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Saves transportation cost
  • Quicker cleanup time