Southern Cement Slurry, LLC is the exclusive licensee for SuperSlurry™ in the greater Houston area and is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers by delivering superior products and service. Developed by Texas Industries, Inc. through years of research and development, SuperSlurry™ is a revolutionary new liquefied cement slurry system unlike any other soil stabilization product.

Because it is a slurry, the environmental and safety benefits of virtually dust-free placement are far superior to common dry cement applications. It also reduces equipment requirements, labor costs, and clean-up times.

SuperSlurry™ utilizes a patented state-of-the-art mixing system to produce a superior cement slurry that maximizes cement particle distribution and provides unmatched consistency. SuperSlurry’s unique properties allow greater coverage and delivery distance than common cement slurries. Although very unique, SuperSlurry™ can be placed with conventional construction equipment. And unlike other soil treatments that begin to breakdown during and after application, the patented SuperSlurry™ process bonds soil particles together resulting in decreased permeability and increased structural value and compressive strength.

SuperSlurry™ is produced in a semi-mobile plant and transported to job-sites in bulk pneumatic tankers, or tankers that are capable of spreading SuperSlurry™ at the job-site. For larger projects requiring high daily volumes, the plant can be re-positioned to the job-site for dedicated production.